About Enniskinn

As a molecular scientist during the covid pandemic, I was constantly washing my hands. Everything I tried resulted in a poor flaky, dry skin. Store bought moisturisers didn’t work and hand soap stripped the natural oils from my skin. I decided one day to try and create my own. 

With that one bar of soap, Enniskinn was born. A cosmetic small business with a passion for artistic flayer. Where bath bombs don’t cause irritation but can still spin out a multitude of colour and fun. Shampoo bars that don’t crumble. Moisturizing lotion bars that melt into your skin. And traditional cold-process soaps that can double as body wash and bathroom decor. 

Enniskinn has grown into a small business with a strong stance on sustainability, product creativity, fair pay, natural ingredients & zero tolerance to testing on animals.  

Looking forward to see what 2023 brings!