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Citrus Sunset Bath Art Bomb

Citrus Sunset Bath Art Bomb

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Indulge in the captivating blend of citrusy freshness and earthy warmth with our Orange and Patchouli Essential Oil Bath Bomb. Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating bathing experience as the enticing aroma envelops your senses and transports you to a blissful state of relaxation. This luxurious bath bomb is meticulously crafted with the finest natural ingredients, including pure orange and patchouli essential oils, to create a truly invigorating and soothing oasis in your bathtub


Scent Profile: Orange & Dark Patchouli 


Drizzled in skin soothing cocoa butter and topped with petals and sea salt. 


Important: Our bath bombs do not stain your bath tub! It is however, still recommended you wipe down your bathtub after use. Over time, air can cause the bathbomb to loose fizz. With this in mind, to ensure quality & freshness we will package your bathbombs air tight. 

Here at Enniskinn, we create everything in small batches. This means that we don't compromise on quality of products. Appearance may differ slightly between batches.  



Bicarbonated Soda, Citric Acid, Cream of Tartar, Apricot Kernel Oil, Essential Oils, Colorants, Cocoa butter, sea salt, flower petals. 

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