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Catherine Rowe's Into The Woods Scarf

Catherine Rowe's Into The Woods Scarf

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Imagine offering your customers a scarf that's not just an accessory but a unique piece of art. With the exclusive 'Into The Woods' print by renowned artist Catherine Rowe, it's a storytelling scarf that captures hearts. Crafted from soft recycled materials, it's a sustainable choice that wraps your customers in both comfort and style. Discover a treasure trove of accessories adorned with this enchanting print, including our tote bags, backpack, pouch, card holder, headband, scrunchies, bows, and jewelry boxes in two sizes. Add this whimsical collection to your store and let it be the centerpiece that draws your customers into the enchanting world of Fable.

Key features: *Silk-like ultra-soft fabric *Length 180cm x Width 90cm *100% Polyester *Hand wash separately

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