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Personalised 'Relax and Unwind' Giftset

Personalised 'Relax and Unwind' Giftset

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Discover the perfect gift to pamper yourself or a loved one with our Personalised Self-Care Gift Box, carefully curated to provide a soothing and luxurious spa experience. This beautifully presented gift box contains handmade soap, a bath bomb, lip balm, and an essential oil Relax and Unwind roller. Elevate your self-care routine and embrace tranquility like never before. Gift yourself or a loved one a personalized self-care box tailored for relaxation.

Handmade Soap: Our handcrafted soap is made with love and premium natural ingredients, ensuring a gentle cleanse that leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. 

 Bath Bomb: Transform your bath into a spa oasis with our indulgent bath bomb. Drop it into the warm water, and watch as it fizzes and releases captivating fragrances. Relax, unwind, and let the day's stress melt away.

Lip Balm: Keep your lips soft and moisturized with our nourishing lip balm. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, it provides the perfect finishing touch to your self-care routine. 

Essential Oil Roller: Enhance your relaxation experience with our essential oil roller. This blend of calming essential oils can be applied to your pulse points, temples, and wrists. * Please note, the essential oil blend can vary between boxes but we promise they will all be just as amazing! 


Personalization Option

Make this gift truly special by personalizing the soap label with a name, date, or heartfelt message. Just let us know the details, and we'll create a customized label to add that extra touch of thoughtfulness. Otherwise, the normal label will apply 

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