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Colombian Boho Red & White Engraved Pot Set

Colombian Boho Red & White Engraved Pot Set

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All Colombian Boho pottery is handmade with natural clay by Colombian artisans, who have been making traditional terracotta crafts for centuries. By buying our pots, you support a local community of craftsmen in Colombia and help secure the further existence of their beautiful craft.

POT 1 Diameter: 16 CM (inside max 14 CM) Height: 15 CM (inside max 13 CM) Plate Ø: 16 CM

POT 2 Diameter: 22 CM (inside max 19 CM) Height: 20 CM (inside max 19 CM) Plate Ø: 22 CM

POT 3 Diameter: 26 CM (inside max 23 CM) Height: 26 CM (inside max 25 CM) Plate Ø: 25 CM

POT 4 Diameter: 31 CM (inside max 28 CM) Height: 30 CM (inside max 28 CM) Plate Ø: 30 CM

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